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Keeping Sane.

I know, it's hard. Keeping sane at 20, in a world where everyone is telling you that you are doing something wrong, its testing. You test your strength, your patience, and your abilities. 
I won't give you a step by step, how-to post, but, what I am doing is trying to explain how I did it. 
Keeping sane, in this era, at 20, is a lot harder than it might seem. Social pressures are a real thing, and they are a lot more prominent since the emergence of social media. Social media has become both a blessing and a curse, and we as young beings struggle to demarcate where reality lies within the web of people constantly advertising their so-called "perfect lives" 
The best way, that I have found, to stay sane in the age of social media, is realise that not everybody that you see on social media, actually have such picture perfect lives. Those are just the lives that they want the world to see. They want the world to see a life that actually doesn't exist, because truthfull…

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